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Icon Overload - Crystaldrake's interest list - LOA

Stock  - Sewing related, crafts related, sunsets, cats

Celebs - Billy Boyd, Tom Hiddleston, Robert Patterson, Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, Kenneth Branagh, Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Project Runway Designers - any seasons in US and Canada (Need more hint of who exactly - I love Anya Ayoung-Chee, Becky Ross, Victor Luna from season 9 US, Even Biddell canada PR. Although I do love so many of the designers so would be pleased with any)

Mod icons - Recently addicted to get some new mod icons for the two lands I run. Just some indication its a mod icon is fine.

bigbang_land (the big bang theory) - any character/any pairing/any geeky crossover.
atlaland (avatar: the last airbender) - Particular interested in EVIL characters from series for this icon. Sort of joke among member when my co-mod and I took over land we Evil Overlords since previous mod refer to themselves as OWL the good guys. ;) Although I am happy with any character especially female or pairing.

Fandom related:
I particularly love villains, female, and minor characters. I love discovering new pairings - the crankier the better. :D

Avatar: the Last Airbender: All female characters, Iroh, Long Feng, Jeong Jeong, Piandao, Sokka
The Big Bang Theory: Amy/Shedon, Penny/Sheldon, Stuart, Amy, Bernadette, Penny, Sheldon, Raj
Criminal Minds: Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan, Unsubs
Disney: Love so many animation! Be happy with any.
Everquest - any
The Lord of the Rings - any
The Princess Bride - Buttercup, Wesley, Buttercup/Wesley, Wesley crew, The six fingered man.
Shakespeare Works - Any but love Much Ado About Nothing, Midsummer Night's Dream, and Othello. (Any that has Kenneth Branagh as character is all good to me)
The Worst Witch: Any
atla xmas

Sorting Hat Challenge at LOA - Ethel Hallow and Princess Azula

Ethel Hallow from the Book/TV series the Worst Witch was a tossup between belonging to Ravenclaw and Slytherin. She her traits fit into both houses - intelligence, knowledge, wit, ambition, and cunning. I decided she was a better fit for Ravenclaw, since sorting in Hogwarts took place in the beginning I reflected on her actions during the early books/tv series. She is praised throughout the entire series as knowledgeable and intelligence by her instructors and she was typically the first in her class to master a new spell. During the first part of the series I do not find her actions as cunning as they appear to be. Her mission is to get her rival in series Mildred Hubble expelled. Her reasons for her anger deals with her graduating with a school that known well for good quality witches that does exceptional magic – which Cackles Academy is known for when she was accepted. I’m sure if she read the discworld series she compared Mildred to the wizard who only learned one spell in his entire career at the unseen university. Later in book, her traits become more focus on what Slytherin students are known for – cunning and ambition.

There is no doubt if Princess Azula was part of Hogwarts she be placed in Slytherin House. During the series Avatar: the Last Airbender she shows every single trait listed. (Ambition, Cunning, Resourcefulness)
She is a prodigy; she mastered skills in firebending at a young age. Even as child she showed ambition and cunning for what she wanted most in her life – to make her brother Zuko miserable. It had shown her being deceptive and tricking him in flashbacks.
In real time during series she showed all the traits – For instance during the second season, Azula and her two non-bending friends captured the Kyoshi Warriors. They used the uniforms they acquired from the Kyoshi Warriors to go to the Capital of the Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se and take it down from the inside. While in disguise she had shown a recent felon with many resources her true identity to gain his men, The Dai Li. Once she gathered his men to take out the king – the felon tried to use Dai Li against her. She had even surprised him when the Dai Li were loyal to her. She successfully captured the Ba Sing Se that had been the biggest resistance again the Fire Nation since the war begun.
There are endless amount of other examples of her traits that made her fit into Slytherin but I felt that the one I listed illustrated all three traits well.